Letter from Miss Rachel

Rock of Hope Academy

  • Christian Preschool/Pre-K

  • Early Childhood Education

  • School Age Program

Hello Parents!

Welcome to our page about our Before and After School program! Here at Rock of Hope Academy we strive to make your mornings and afternoons fun and exciting. We serve your kids a healthy and balanced breakfast, then we give them time to run around outside and prepare for their day at school. We’re blessed to have a bus stop for Westgate Elementary right across the street.

In the afternoons when your kids come back from school, we welcome them with some time to wind down from their day outside on our playground. Then we serve them a fruitful snack and a time to socialize with all their friends. Once snack is done we take the kids into the classrooms where they have the choice to either work on their homework or participate in a group activity that fits a weekly theme.

All group activities that are planned, help ROHA students foster their creative minds, work on bettering their math and science skills, and to broaden their language abilities. While working on all these things we also make sure that the kids are never bored, all activities are full of fun and excitement that they won’t know what to do!

So welcome to our school and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy the time that you and your kids have here.

~ Ms. Rachel Schmidt