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Hello Parents and Caregivers!

    Welcome to my classroom! I have been at ROHA-ECDC since January, 2014. Before that, I taught at a school that specialized in verbal, emotional, and social language development. I have recently earned my A.A. Degree in Early Childhood Education!

    My teaching style focuses on children’s current interests, emerging curriculum, and encouraging children to think bigger. I focus a lot on social skills and language development. If you want a fancy term, I suppose I would call myself a blend of a Vygotskyan and Eriksonian teacher that uses a lot of rich language and scaffolding. I also encourage natural learning through social circumstances.

    I believe that every child is uniquely special, talented, and valuable to the class. Every child should feel heard, understood, included, and confident enough to express themselves without judgement; regardless of gender, race, beliefs, or unique needs. I work to ensure that children with special needs have their needs met to the best of my ability and are treated with the same respect and care as every other student.

    My classroom is a safe and caring place where children are encouraged to learn and to make new discoveries. Every child takes part in the ownership of their classroom. Our classroom is like a second home, where children feel comfortable and confident enough to explore their interests. I want the children to feel mastery over the classroom and they are encouraged to explore freely.

    I strive to work with the families and the support systems of each child in order to foster a supportive community in my classroom. I do my best to foster a communicative relationship between families and support systems of all children under my care.

I teach with the hope that children under my care feel included, valuable, important, confident, excited about learning, and safe in my classroom. Families and support systems of children will also feel included, informed, and part of a community.

Letter to Parents from Miss Celeste

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